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International walk between the Rioni gavirate
11 June 200
Provincial committee of Varese
International Manifestation Fiasp
Homologation n 25/00 of the 07/03/2000

Organization For Gavirate
Sunday 11 june 2000
Departure and Lungolago
arrival Virginia Island to Gavirate
km. 6 valid for stamp IVV single ticket participation Km. 12 and km. 20. For such mountain distances precaution is recommended and the use of footwear adapted.
Timetables of Free
departure from hours 8.00 to hours 10,00.
Closing of the manifestation
Hours 14,30. The manifestation will be carried out with whichever time: in case of excessive bad one time the organization reservoir to modify the distances maintaining some the identical mileage.
Organizational contribution
Without acknowledgment . 2,500. Such sum is a contribution not subject to Vat to norm of the art. 4 second and sixth period DPR 633/72 and successive modifications. The contribution is finalized to the realization of the manifestation object of the present insert in directed performance of the institutional scopes to the senses of the art. 2 codicil 1 letter A-b, DLGS 460/97 and of 3 the codicil of the art. 111 of the TUIR.
Single term of
registration the 11 hours 10.00 of june 2000. Groups within the 9 june 2000 with added possibilities of within the 10 hours 22.00 of june 2000.
Groups with minimum of 20 participants particular goblets and acknowledgments.
Premiazione groups
Hours 11.00 of Sunday 11 june 2000.
the participants will be assist themselves with some points of ristoro where the following offers kinds will come: water, the, brodo, apples, bread, lemons, sugar, marmellata.
Sanitary attendance Red Cross Service.
Attendance Radio service C.b.
the registration constitutes the admission from part of the participant of being in possession of physical suitability to inherent the sport exercise the norm previewed from D.m. 28/02/93 on the sanitary protection for not agonistica activity. The organization declines every responsibility is civilian who penal deriving from eventual damages to persons or things, before, during and after the development of the manifestation. The participants are held to the respect of the enforced norms of street code (art. 134). The manifestation is assured for R.c.v.t. through the FIASP.
tourist Office For Gavirate tel. and fax 0332 744.707 tel. 0335 8149711.
Internet address
tourist Office For Gavirate via Lungolago Island Virginia 21026 Gavirate Varese.
In collaboration with
Fiasp, A.S.Riva of the Lago, Group Fond of walking SanCarlo, Communal Administration Gavirate, the Sport one, Italian Alpine Club, National Association Alpine, Montana Community of the Valcuvia, Park of the Field of the Flowers, Friends of Fignano.
Area camper Possibility of free pause to the fond of walking participants to the walk near the area equipped to the inside of the public park.

Suggestions, observations... CONTACT to US!!!
Associazione Pro Gavirate - Via Lungolago Isola Virginia 21026 Gavirate (VA) - Tel. 03358149711

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